The back of a black car with a British Columbia licence plate.

Vehicle registration and licence plate solutions

Everything you need for licence plate manufacturing and validation tag production.

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Products for vehicle registration

  • A Nova Scotia licence plate with the tagline
    Licence plate sheeting

    Higher reflectivity, making licence plates brighter, safer, and more legible.

  • A registration validation tag on a paper with instructions.
    Vehicle validation tags

    Bright, reflective, tamper-proof vehicle validation tags made from customizable, secure sheeting.

  • A digital license plate printing machine creating licence plates.
    Digital licence plate printing

    Streamline production with digital printing and create a digital workflow with integrated software solutions.

Vehicle registration resources

  • A video still of two license plates, the front one reads AAA V00.
    The evolution of licence plates
  • A still from a video showing the difference with and without 3M™ High Definition Licence Plate Sheeting.
    3M™ High Definition Licence Plate Sheeting video

  • Talk to a 3M transportation safety expert.