Plain white delivery van on the road with two strips of red conspicuity tape on its side for safety marking.

Vehicle Safety Marking

Helps maximize visibility and improve roadway safety for commercial vehicles.

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Why use vehicle safety markings?


Commercial vehicles should be more visible.


  • Icon of a moon and three stars symbolizing dim lighting.

    41% of truck rear collisions in low light

    were caused by not being recognized in time.¹

  • Icon of a semi-truck  from the back  with cargo  in trailer.

    Pickup trucks, delivery trucks and vans were involved in

    26% of fatal work-related crashes.²

  • Icon of  a tow-truck towing a semi-truck that has been in an accident.

    Single-unit trucks are involved in

    61% of emergency room visits and 38% of fatalities

    resulting from large truck crashes.³
  • Diagram of a semi-truck taking a forty-five degree left hand turn in the dark with an on-coming car coming from the left illustrating how 3M™ conspicuity tape can improve vehicle visibility.

    Conspicuity Safety Markings

    In the dark, drivers may not see the trailer of a turning truck until it’s too late.


    45° + wide angularity performance in a vehicle safety marking is needed to increase visibility. Conspicuity markings are regulated for all large trucks and trailers in North America. Improve visibility of your commercial vehicle or fleet for added safety benefits to protect your people and your assets.⁴


Semi-truck on a three lane highway in dim light and wet road conditions with vehicle safety marking tape on the sides of its trailer.

Protect your people and your assets.

Safety Vehicle Markings.

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Regulated Applications

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  • Starts bright, stays bright - After 2,000 hours of accelerated weathering,* 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Conspicuity Markings Series 983 showed the smallest change in brightness (<10%)**


    3M™ Diamond Grade™ Conspicuity Markings Series 983 meets regulations for Trucks and Trailers (CMVSS108).


  • Enhanced visibility down the line. Make your rail cars more visible with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Rail Car Markings.


    3M™ Diamond Grade™ Conspicuity Markings Series 983 meets Railway Equipment Reflectorization Rules (FRA-224 accepted in Canada).

    Read the Brochure (PDF 2.7 MB)


  • Help improve safety for students and motorists. Give your school buses outstanding visibility with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ School Bus Markings.


    3M™ Diamond Grade™ Conspicuity Markings Series 983 meets regulations for School Buses (CSA D250).


  • Retroreflectivity to the rescue. Increase the visibility of your fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and other emergency vehicles with 3M™ Emergency Vehicle Markings.


    3M™ Diamond Grade™ Conspicuity Markings Series 983 meets regulations for Fire Trucks and Fire Apparatus (ULC S515).


*Xe Arc Test as per ASTM D4956-19 Method 1

**Compared to markings from select manufacturers (DOT-C2 regulated marking colours).

What are other ways reflective tape can be used?

In addition to single-unit trucks and fleet vehicles, reflective tape can help improve visibility in a variety of applications.

  • Computer drawn emergency vehicle with red and yellow safety marking tape on the back for increased visibility.
    Emergency, City and Municipal Vehicles

    Apply reflective safety tape to your ambulances, police vehicles, city buses, snow plows, garbage trucks and utility vehicle fleets to help keep employees, civilians, and your vehicles safe.

  • Computer drawn farm implement with red and white safety marking tape on its side for increased visibility.

    Improve the visibility of your tractors, trailers, plows, irrigation systems, threshing machines, or other agricultural equipment to help prevent accidents and protect your investment.

  • Computer drawn ATV or recreational vehicle with red safety marking tape detailing the back for visibility.
    Recreational Vehicles

    Use reflective tape to Increase the visibility and safety of your motorcycle, RV, camper, ATV, snowmobile, golf cart, bicycle, scooter, boat, or jet ski.

  • Computer drawn walk-in storage container outlined in red and white safety marking tape for safety.

    Protect your property and investment by applying reflective safety tape to your dock, gate arm, icehouse, mailbox, garbage can, snowblower, or lawnmower.

Featured Conspicuity Tape Products

  • Flexible, easy-to-apply conspicuity tape that delivers high visibility around corners and curves on vehicles, trailers and equipment.


    • Meets CMVSS 108 regulations
    • UV durable to last in harsh environments
    • Can be applied in temperatures as low as 35°F (1.67°C)
    • Thin, flexible and easy-to-apply
    • 5-year warranty


  • High-visibility conspicuity tape with DOT-C2 mark for large trucks, trailers, buses, emergency vehicles, rail cars and other applications.


    • Meets or exceeds all CMVSS 108 requirements and includes the DOT-C2 Certification Mark
    • High retroreflectivity at wide angles (almost 90 degrees from perpendicular)
    • Strong pressure-sensitive adhesion
    • Easy-to-apply and remove
    • Durable polycarbonate construction
    • 10-year prorated warranty


  • Food truck trailer detailed in  vehicle safey marking tape for visibility in low light and increased safety.

    Promote your brand day and night.

    As the most cost-effective form of advertising⁵, vehicle graphics are a powerful branding tool that helps you connect with customers on the go. When you wrap your trucks and vans with 3M Graphic Films, you’ll experience simple, fast installations along with great quality to ensure your designs last for the long haul.

    Learn about Reflective Fleet Wrap Films

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