A fleet van for Zipp Plumbing Services wrapped in a white and teal reflective film.

Reflective Fleet Wrap Films

The bright idea changing the fleet industry.

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Advertise your brand day and night.

The average person spends more than 300 hours in their cars every year.¹ With so much time spent on the road, fleet vehicles provide the perfect medium to convey a brand’s messaging in a unique and engaging way. And reflective films enable your graphics to be eye-catching day or night. Whether or not your fleet already utilizes wrap films for vehicle branding, adding reflective film for trims, accents, decals, or rear door walls will contribute to increased driver safety and enhanced brand visibility.

Shine brighter and safer.

  • An icon of a crescent moon.

    Risks of fatal crashes are three times greater at night.²

  • An icon of an umbrella.

    Adverse weather conditions like fog and rain reduce visibility and increase the risk for accidents.²

  • An icon of a car.

    When seasons change, many people must commute in the dark when there is less visibility.²

  • An icon of the front view of a transport truck.

    Reflective vehicle films help protect drivers, assets and others on the road by increasing visibility and allowing your fleet vehicles to be detected from farther away.

  • An icon of the side of a transport truck with a logo on the trailer.

    Reflective films help your brand and logo pop, allowing you to capture a broader mobile audience, day or night.

Make a statement.

  • A truck with a logo decal on the side.

    Incorporating reflective print films into a fleet wrap design is a simple upgrade that brings continuous, valuable benefits. The increased visibility provided by reflective films has the power to guard your assets and build connections with millions of current and potential customers.

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A transport truck with the trailer wrapped with branding from a tomato company.

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  • Helps maximize visibility and improve roadway safety for commercial vehicles.

  • Protect your car against the elements.

  • Reduce UV rays and keep the interior cooler.


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  2. National Safety Council, The Most Dangerous Time to Drive, https://www.nsc.org/road-safety/safety-topics/night-driving