A wet highway at night with pavement markings.

Pavement Markings

Guide drivers during the day or night, in dry or rainy conditions, with durable, high-performance pavement markings for all types of roadway applications.


Pavement marking products

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  • Reflective tape for permanent road applications.

  • Removable, highly reflective, all-weather pavement markings for safer temporary work zones.

  • Liquid markings for all-weather visibility in any climate for long lines, channelizing, gore markings, and intersection markings.

  • Durable, highly reflective raised markers that are impact resistant and suitable for all weather conditions and road surfaces.

The view from the driver's seat of a car - a highway at night during a torrential downpour.

Wet Reflective Pavement Markings

Learn more about 3M solutions for road safety during night and wet road conditions and see the difference the technology can make.

See the difference

See how wet reflective pavement markings are helping Canadians.

  • A video still of a wet highway at night with traffic cones.

    3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements on Canadian roads.

  • A video still of a wet intersection at night.

    3M™ Stamark™ High Performance All Weather Tape in London, Ontario.

  • A video still of a road at night with light reflecting off the wet highway.

    3M™ Stamark™ High Performance All Weather Tape for Midblock cross walks.


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