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3M™ Inspection and Asset Management System

Smart. Connected. Personal. It's time to connect.

3M™ Connected Safety System Portal


An overhead view of a white table with a laptop, a white hard hat, a brown glove and a phone displaying the 3M™ Connected Safety app.

Enhance compliance. Save time. Be proactive.

With the 3M™ Inspection & Asset Management System, you’re not just streamlining your safety and asset management process - you’re giving yourself access to real-time data that can help you enhance worker protection. 


Get started with the 3M™ Inspection & Asset Management System 

Get your Connected Safety program up and running quickly with its simple and connected components. Use the Inspection & Asset Management System, you can now identify trends and spot risks. Reduce paperwork. Be audit ready. Help keep your people healthy and safe.

  • Step 1 image: An RFID tag
    Start with an RFID tag or a barcode


  • Step 2 image: A 3M™ Respirator
    Attach to PPE


  • Step 3 image:  The 3M™ Connected Safety app displayed on a mobile phone and a laptop.
    Scan and connect


The advantages of having data at hand versus on file

  • Orange icon of a welding helmet facing forward.

    Works with your existing PPE.

  • Orange icon of a large and a small gear.

    Create your own on-the-spot paperless safety checklist.

  • Orange icon of a cloud and an arrow pointing both up and down.
     Low maintenance

    Cloud-based software updates automatically.

  • Orange icon of a tablet device with a zig-zagged horizontal line that ends with an arrow pointing upwards.

    Easy access to PPE audits, data and trends.

Orange icons of personal protective equipment connected by lines to a cloud that is connected by a line to a photograph of a respirator.

Connect to products.

• Quickly access equipment history, usage, location and upcoming events.
• Assign equipment and access employee training and fitting information.
• Utilize automated analysis to help streamline asset lifecycle management.
• Use it with your existing PPE.

Orange icons of people connected by lines to a cloud that is connected by a line to a photograph of a man wearing a respirator.

Connect to people.

• Access information any time, any place.
• Track and manage training and fit testing. Ensure the right people have the right tools.
• Document PPE usage to help lower risk more easily.
• Ensure your workforce is compliant.

Orange icons of buildings connected by lines to a cloud that is connected by a line to a photograph of a mobile phone displaying the 3M™ Connected Safety app on its screen.

Connect to places.

• Cloud-based for simple deployment and access anywhere.
• Instantly connect to data across multiple locations.
• Intuitive dashboard for easy use.

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