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Finding the right protective gear can be a challenge. That’s why 3M, with the knowledge and reliability of Scott Safety, is here to make you more than ready for the toughest challenges. With products built on enhanced technology and a legacy of trusted protection, 3M will help your team get the job done and come back home safely.

When and why should workers use a pressure-demand self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)?

  • An icon of an exclamation mark in a square.

    Contaminant cannot be filtered or absorbed

  • An icon of the earth with a question mark.

    Air quality is unknown

  • An icon of a question mark in a circle.

    Airborne concentration is unknown

  • An icon of a shield with an 'X.'

    Compressed air source is not available

  • An icon of a down arrow.

    Need to reduce exposure as low as reasonably possible

  • An S-shaped icon with an arrow at the top.

    An unusual and/or non-repeating task gives uncharacterized exposure

  • An icon of a squiggly line.

    Exposure varies significantly during a task

  • An icon of the earth above a hand.

    Desire to be environmentally friendly

Featured products

  • A black adapter used in the facepiece of SCBAs.
    3M™ Scott™ AV-632 Bayonet Adapter

    Connects the 3M™ Scott™ AV-3000 Facepiece with SureSeal or 3M™ Scott™ Facepiece AV-3000 HT to the extensive line of 3M filters and cartridges.

  • A 3M™ Scott™ Air-Pak™ 75i SCBA with cannister, harness, and breathing tube.
    3M™ Scott™ Air-Pak™ 75i Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

    NIOSH-approved SCBA designed with durability and dependability in mind.

  • A 3M™ Scott™ AV-3000 Facepiece with SureSeal respiratory protection mask.
    3M™ Scott™ AV-3000 SureSeal Facepiece

    Combines great fit with greater comfort and versatility. Holds NIOSH approvals across a wide variety of applications, including chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear.

  • A 3M™ Scott™ Ska-Pak AT featuring cannister, harness and mask.
    3M™ Scott™ Ska-Pak AT Supplied-Air Respirator

    3M Scott’s most advanced supplied-air respirator with the added benefit of a patented, automatic hands-free air transfer capability.

A worker wearing hooded coveralls with a supplied air respirator.

Experience the best of both worlds. Transition to the new 3M™ Scott™ AV-632 Bayonet Adapter.

Learn more about the transition

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