Head & Face Protection

Head & Face Protection

The 3M Brand is synonymous with innovation and technical precision. We're at the leading edge of head and face protection because we have our ear to the ground. We follow the needs of industries to design and produce the best hard hats, face shields, and combination systems to deliver protection, comfort, and performance while meeting the needs of your job.

Hard Hats 

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Lightweight High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is used to create durable hardhats. Making sure you're covered under any circumstances.

  • 3M™ Hard Hats H-700 Series

    Low-profile, short brim design for balance, stability, and upward visibility.

  • 3M™ Hard Hats H-800 Series

    Comfortable suspension sits lower on head to reduce pressure points and increase security, especially when looking up and bending down.

Compatible Products with H-700 Series

Easily add additional protection to make a customized system fit for your job.

Headgear and Face Protection

Mix and match interchangeable pieces to customize your unique needs on the work site.

  • Headgear

    Engineered to deliver easy assembly and ultimate protection with adjustable features, giving you the most comfortable and secure fit.

  • Face Shields & Visors

    Designed for industries requiring face coverage, our face shields offer reliable protection with versatile features including anti-fog coating, and multiple tint and material options.

Accessories, Systems and Combinations

  • Accessories

    Versatile, user-friendly add-ons to offer all angles of protection.

  • Complete Kits

    Kits designed for your industry-specific needs.

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