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A construction worker wearing a white hard hat is standing on the edge of an unfinished skyscraper with a fall protection harness that is attached to an anchor.

Fall protection kits

Complete kits for complete convenience and adherence to the highest safety standards.

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Whether you're working on the roof of a residential structure, at heights on a building construction site or performing industrial plant maintenance, your fall protection system needs all the right components in order to keep you safe. Our easy-to-use fall protection kits and anchorage devices provide the perfect solution, with comfort, ease of use, adjustability, durability and reliability. Each fall protection kit offers a complete set-up for convenient fall arrest compliance and safety on the job to make sure you get home safely at the end of the day.

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Types of fall protection kits

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A worker that is suspended from the side of a building and wearing 3M fall protection gear.

The ABCDs of fall protection

Understand the elements of fall protection

Learn how to make worksites safer and more productive with 3M fall protection.

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Fall protection resources

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