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When your workers connect to a DBI-SALA® Brand or Protecta® Brand lanyard, they’re connecting to a product that offers reliable performance when you need it the most. Lightweight and durable, our lanyards are designed to help keep them safe and comfortable.

Our safety lanyards are made from the highest-quality materials that meet or exceed rigorous safety standards. That’s why workers around the world rely on them for safety, ease of use and durability.
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Types of lanyards

There are two different types of lanyards: positioning lanyards, which control where you’re physically able to move to in order to keep you from entering a fall hazard zone, and shock absorbing lanyards which contain an energy-absorbing unit to limit fall arrest forces in the case of a fall.

When choosing a connecting device like a lanyard or a self-retracting lifeline (SRL), it’s important to consider the conditions of your work environment. From harsh marine and mining, oil and gas and everything in between, getting the best use out of a connecting device depends on selecting the right products for the application and your environment.

  • Pack-style energy-absorbing lanyards

    • Include a pack-style energy absorber and offer a variety of leg types (web, cable, or with Kevlar® fibre)
    • These lanyards dissipate energy, limiting the forces on your body during a fall
  • Tubular-style energy-absorbing lanyards

    • Feature an internal energy absorber that dissipates the energy of a fall
    • Available in both a traditional fixed-length design and a “stretch” style that expands and contracts
  • Twin-leg lanyards

    • Two lanyards that are connected at one end Used
    • to provide 100% tie-off, allowing you to stay protected when moving from one location to another
  • Rope positioning lanyards

    • Lanyards without energy absorbers
    • Designed for positioning or restraint applications
  • Tie-back lanyards

    • Acts as both a connecting means and an anchorage connector, reducing inventory and cost
    • Use when a qualified anchorage connector is not available
  • Lanyards for arc flash and hot work use

    • Special material with Kevlar® fibre has a 426°C char temperature rating
    • Exceptional cut resistance
    • Ideal for high-temperature environments or those requiring arc flash protection
  • Lanyards for foot tie-off

    • Can be used at your feet, allowing a 3.7 m (12 ft.) free fall and maintaining forces below 1,800 lbs (8 kN)
    • Use for 1.8 m (6 ft.) falls for heavier workers up to 190 kg (420 lbs)
  • Fall-restricting device

    • Unique device cinches around a wood pole during a “cut-out,” preventing user from falling to the ground and allowing user to regain footing
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  • A worker using 3M™ DBI­SALA® Comfort Grip Connector to secure himself to scaffolding.

    Snap into work mode with 3M™ DBI-SALA® Comfort Grip Connector

    Whether you use a snap hook 10 times or 1000 times per day, the 3M™ DBI-SALA® Comfort Grip Connector will help make your job easier.

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Product lines

  • Features of a lanyard

    Close-up view of a yellow lanyard and grip connector.
Steel and aluminum rebar lock hooks

Fits around most structures with a 63.55 mm (2.5 in.) gate opening to maximize inner diameter.

Steel and aluminum rebar lock hooks

Ergonomic design for enhanced functionality and better fit in the palm of your hand.


The standard length lanyard is 6 ft. but shorter and longer options are available. A lanyard should be long enough to be user-friendly, but kept short as possible to minimize the free fall distance.


Must be strong enough to endure rough use and exposure to sunlight and other elements. We offer specialized webbing for different applications.

Impact indicators

Lets you see if an energy absorber has been involved in a fall. If deployed, the lanyard must be removed from service immediately.


Connects the worker to the anchorage point.

Energy absorber

Limits fall arrest forces during a fall to less than 1,800 lbs (8 kN).

Steel and aluminum rebar lock hooks

Patent-pending, locking gate/nose design for maximum strength and security.

Two workers wearing protective gear, secured to a wall with lanyards.

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