A construction worker in a fall protection harness operating a 3M™ DBI-SALA® Rollgliss™ Rescue and Descent Device R550 to retrieve a fallen worker.

Rescue and descent

Get the equipment you need to rescue workers who have fallen from heights or need to be rescued from a confined space.

Rescue and descent systems help you raise or lower a fallen worker to safety or to retrieve them from a confined space. The type of job site, anchor location, working load and limit, and ease of use are all important factors in choosing the proper rescue and descent system. A single rescue and descent system cannot efficiently handle every scenario, which is why 3M offers rescue and descent systems for multiple applications and multiple skill levels.

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Choosing the right type of rescue and descent system is crucial to ensure the safety of workers in the case of an accident. Whether you require an automatic ascender or descender, we offer the most complete line of safe and effective rescue systems in the industry.

A group of 4 workers wearing hard hats and fall protection gear undergoing rescue training.

Rescue training: In the event of a fall, do you have a plan?

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