A construction worker attached to a temporary horizontal lifeline system, looking over the edge of a building.

Temporary horizontal lifeline systems

Deliver mobility and fall protection for at-height workers.

Protect workers operating in the horizontal plane who may not have continuous access to suitable lifeline anchorage points, with 3M safety systems.

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Types of temporary horizontal lifeline systems

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An HLL may appear to be a basic line strung between two anchors but it is much more than that. It is critical to choose a horizontal system that has been precision engineered and tested to meet industry standards.

    • Lightweight, easy to install and portable
    • Ideal for maintenance, bridge work, construction and general industry applications
    • Synthetic systems are extremely lightweight and easily moved from one area to another
    • Cable systems are ideal for situations where welding, sparks or harsh environments are present or where minimal clearance exists
    • Extremely lightweight and portable to keep workers safe and mobile
    • Each system incorporates a modular, multi-base design to accommodate a wide range of concrete and steel beams
    • Spans can reach up to 18.3 m (60 ft) and total system length can be configured to run infinitely for ultimate jobsite flexibility
    • User-friendly and extremely fast to install, remove and store
    • Innovative design eliminates large and bulky coils of cable that are difficult to setup, relocate and store
    • Built-in winch allows for customization of the length in any span up to 18.25 m (60 ft)
    • Accommodates up to two workers for added versatility
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