3M Eyewear Fit Testing System open for use.

Protect your eyes with the 3M Eyewear Fit Testing System

Every day an estimated 200 eye injuries occur in the Canadian workplace. With properly fitting eyewear, it is estimated that 90% of these injuries could be prevented.¹

Eye safety is in sight.

Take the time to find the right fit for each worker. Use these resources to conduct your fit evaluation.

Compare different styles and models of protective eyewear to help you select the best fit for each individual with 3M's revolutionary Eyewear Fit System. Quick and easy, the assessment can be done in just 10 minutes and provides insights on the best fit for each employee.

There are four elements for optimum fit:

  • An emotional shot of a green eye.


    Assessment to ensure the wearer can see in all directions of eye rotation without major obstruction to the field of view that would interfere with required work tasks.

  • Worker turning wearing 3M's state of the art protective eyewear.


    Assessment to ensure the eyewear stays in place on the wearer’s head and does not fall off with head movement.

  • A worker wearing 3M's Peltor and protective eyewear products.


    The Coverage Gauge assesses how well the eyewear covers the soft tissue area around the eyes.

  • 3M's eyewear fit testing system being used on a worker to ensure his eyes are protected.


    The Gap Gauges help to identify excessive gaps between the eyewear and the face. Large gaps can provide a clear path for flying debris.

1. Vision Lost in Canada 2011 Report – The national Coalition for Vision Health