A worker wearing coveralls, gloves, safety goggles, hearing protection, a hard hat, and a disposable respirator in a woodworking shop, operating a saw.

Disposable Respirators

You can see dust and debris in the air, but many of the particles that threaten your airways can’t always be seen with the naked eye. For hazardous environments it’s our job to create respiratory protection that, when used for the right hazard in the right way, helps keep invisible contaminants out.

  • Silica

    In the midst of construction you don’t imagine thousands of crystals being inhaled.

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  • Breathe Easier

    Static electric charged microfibers enhance the capture of airborne particles while allowing you to breathe easier.

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Respirators may be available in cup or flat fold styles.

There’s more to fit than meets the eye.

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  • Fit is key, it can impact the seal of your respirator, the protection provided and even comfort. Because what you need on the job is a respirator that fits so it can help protect you all day long.

    At 3M, fit plays a central role in the development process. Our state-of-the-art global labs pave the way for important discoveries and advancements, providing options in respiratory protection for workers around the world. We test and research facial structures to help us to cover many face types and shapes.

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