A fleet van wrapped in a pink printed wrap.

Printed and Pigmented Wrap Films

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With numerous colours and extensive design possibilities, pigmented and printed films can be customized to bring your brand identity to life. Vehicle wraps allow your vans, sedans, and trucks to be used as canvases for creative storytelling that promote engaging consumer experiences.

Using Printed Wraps vs. Pigmented Wraps

Pigmented and printable films share some similarities as well as some distinct differences that should be noted.

  • A fleet van for a company named Mythos Tea, covered in a green printed wrap.
    Printed Wrap Films


    • Generally a white or clear digitally printed film
    • Allows for bolder imagery, especially on partial or full wraps


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  • A transport truck with the trailer covered with a blue pigmented wrap and the 3M logo.
    Pigmented Wrap Films


    • Solid coloured films that can be electro-cut using a plotter or cutter into letters and shapes
    • Can be screen-printed
    • Simple, clean and cost effective
    • Allows for consistent colouring across a large fleet, especially when coloured logos are added


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It is best to work with a team.

There are many other factors that go into film selection for a project, which is why it’s important to partner with an experienced graphic provider and film manufacturer to ensure you get the best, most cost effective solution.

3M can help you get started by connecting you with a trusted 3M provider that can deliver the graphics solutions of your dreams.

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