A fleet van for SAGA Craft Lager covered in a brown vehicle wrap.

Fleet Vehicle Wrap Options

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As your business gets back on the road, vehicle graphics can be a powerful way to boost brand recognition and credibility with new and existing customers. Fortunately, there are a variety of graphic coverage options available to fit your budget and advertising goals. With the right film, it’s possible to achieve high-quality results that meet your unique business needs.

Vehicle Wrap Options

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  • A truck with a logo decal on the side.

    Spot Graphics/Decals

    Identify your company’s vehicles with spot graphics or decals using 3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film with Comply™ Adhesive Series 180mC. This option includes simple logos and/or cut lettering to help customers recognize your business. The installation and removal processes are quick and easy and won’t break the bank, making it a perfect way to establish your brand’s presence with a limited budget.

  • A truck with a partial wrap and a logo decal on the side.

    Partial Wraps

    Take your branding and advertising to the next level with a partial truck wrap using 3M™ Print Wrap IJ180mC or 3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film with Comply™ Adhesive Series 180mC. A partial wrap typically covers at least 1/3 of your vehicle to help your company stand out and increase brand awareness. Partial wraps are a cost-effective way to create unique and engaging branding that makes a lasting impact.

  • A truck with a full wrap of furniture on the side.

    Full Wraps

    Transform the look of you vehicle with a full colour change or print wrap installation using 3M™ Wrap Film 2080 Series or 3M™ Paint Wrap Film IJ180mC. Full wraps allow you to create bold new looks that tell your brand story and capture the attention of your potential customers. Full wraps are extremely hard to ignore and provide extensive design flexibility for the ultimate transformation and style.

  • A truck with a reflective logo decal and partial wrap.

    Reflective Accents

    If you want to reach customers 24/7 or you want your new logo to really stand out, reflective accents will make your truck or van visible both day and night. Use 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Graphic Film Series 680 for reflective accents, such as contact information, logos or calls to action. Reflective accents not only increase your brand impressions, but also keep you more visible for added safety at night.

  • A truck with a full reflective wrap of furniture on the side.

    Full Reflective Wraps

    While a full vehicle wrap can certainly command the attention of those passing by, a full reflective wrap will help your vehicle stand out no matter the time of day. With retroreflective technology, 3M™ Scotchlite™ Print Wrap 780mC-10R provides a dramatic appearance and better visibility, to ensure you never miss the chance to promote your brand and boost safety while doing it.

A transport truck with the trailer wrapped with branding from a tomato company.

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