A construciton worker wearing a reflective shirt, hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs, and a fall protection harness.

Full Body Safety Harnesses

When you’re more than 20 m (65 ft) off the ground, your safety harness is more than just your safety connection – it’s everything.

Feel comfortable and confident in the right safety harness for you. The right harness can also improve your productivity by giving you the versatility to do what needs to be done on the job site. 3M fall protection harnesses have earned a well-deserved reputation of being top in class thanks to their comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use.

All of our industry-leading harnesses meet applicable CSA standards and regulations to help you get home safely at the end of the day.

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Types of Full-Body Harnesses

A full-body safety harness helps distribute fall forces over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest and shoulders should a fall occur. These types of harnesses also provide a connection point on the worker for a personal self-retracting lifeline (SRL) or lanyard, which in turn is connected to the appropriate anchor point.


    • Extra attachment points such as back and side D-rings allow work in a variety of situations
    • Belt and back pad provide additional lumbar support, positioning rings and tool carrying options​​​



    • Positioning D-rings located on the hips for use with pole straps or work positioning lanyards, which allow hands-free operation
    • May include integral waist belts



    • Frontal attachment point for connection to permanent ladder safety systems



    • Frontal ​attachment points for use with descent control devices



    • One attachment point located on each shoulder strap facilitates upright retrieval from confined spaces



    • Extra attachment points such as back, front and side D-rings allow use in a variety of climbing, positioning, descent and rescue applications
    • Ideal for rescue, rope access and rigging as well as tower and arborist activities



    • ​Applications such as welding and electrical maintenance require Nomex®/Kevlar® or nylon web construction offering fire resistance or arc flash protection
    • Specialized coated hardware, built-in seats and other unique components are available to optimize comfort and performance


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Harnesses by series

Choosing the right safety harness depends on the job task and the work environment.

Harnesses can be designed for general use, and many applications, or may be specialized for specific uses within different industries. Our harnesses are thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, freedom of movement, ease of use, lumbar support, positioning rings and tool carrying options.

  • What to look
    for in a harness

    What to look
    for in a harness

Fixed D-ring

Reduces the need for adjustment throughout the work day.

Protected labels

For long-term identification and inspection.

Lightweight hardware

Reduces weight being applied to the body while increasing comfort.

Tongue-buckle legs

Simple, fast and easy for adjustment. An excellent choice when workers share harnesses.

Auto-resetting lanyard keepers

Help prevent accidental entanglements by "parking" lanyards here when not in use.

Impact indicators

Simplifies inspection for prior fall events.