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When the next crisis arises, it’s too late to prepare.

Consult with us on critical components for disaster-preparedness planning.

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    Be ready for when “what if?” becomes “what now?”

    A reliable measure of protection in virtually any crisis, 3M personal protective equipment solutions are at the foundation of a comprehensive pandemic or emergency preparedness plan. Our experience and competence in supporting authorities and healthcare workers can help you safeguard your future.


    With advance planning, governments and authorities can help reduce the risk of significant disruption in the event of a pandemic outbreak or emergency. Investing resources to build and maintain preparedness plans and stockpiles of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as respirators and protective eyewear, support the best possible outcome.


Protect your people

  • Having an emergency preparedness program in place before a crisis occurs can go a long way toward minimizing the disruptive impact of such an event.

  • When the worst happens, demand on critical services and supplies intensifies dramatically, often creating shortages. Advance preparation is essential to maintain continuity of service and operations in any crisis situation.

  • Education, such as respiratory user training and fit testing requirements, is essential to develop awareness and understanding of how to respond and react in a crisis.

  • For specific guidance on personal protective equipment use during exposure to a contagious biohazard, check with your local authorities and/or public health agencies.

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    Sustainability options and disposal solutions

    Disposable respirators have a shelf life. Ask about our commitment to environmental sustainability during your emergency preparedness consultation.

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