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    Greater confidence in protection

    Can help optimize cartridge use by providing individual service life based on wearer use patterns. 3M has done extensive testing to validate the performance of the ESLI for different organic vapours, exposure levels above the MIL, temperature, humidity, flow rates, and moistures. The ESLI has also been tested and approved by NIOSH

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How does it work?

3M Organic Vapour Cartridges 60001i and 60921i contain the 3M Service Life Indicator, a visual ESLI for certain organic vapours and exposure levels. The ESLI is located inside the cartridge, next to the activated carbon. As organic vapours travel through the cartridge, they are also absorbed into the ESLI. The clear cartridge wall allows you to monitor the developing indicator bar. When the cartridge is exposed to specific vapour concentrations, you will notice a change in the indicator. When used properly in appropriate environments, an indicator bar will develop to help determine the remaining cartridge service life.

Engage your workforce in safety

Rather than implementing a common change out schedule across all workers, the ESLI is based on individual working hours, exposure levels, breathing patterns, environmental conditions and storage/reuse patterns. In appropriate environments, the ESLI can add confidence for each worker, and in some situations potentially save money for the company.

  • A hand peeling back a sticker to check the indicator on the 3M™ Organic Vapour Service Life Indicator Cartridge 6000i Series.


  • When to Replace

    When to replace a cartridge

    • any part of indicator bar reaches the end-of-service line
    • when sensors become covered or difficult to see
    • cartridge is physically damaged
    • odour, taste or irritation from contaminants is detected inside the respirator
    • if the indicator bar has not developed at all after one month
  • Example of how indicator may appear

    The indicator bar may be light to dark in colour intensity, depending on contaminants and exposure levels.

Service Life Indicator Cartridges

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  • A black 3M™ Gas & Vapour Cartridge 6001i.

    3M™ Organic Vapour Service Life Indicator Cartridge 6001i

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  • A pink 3M™ Gas & Vapour Cartridge 60921i.

    3M™ Organic Vapour/P100 Service Life Indicator Cartridge 60921i

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